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Looking for something fun and unique to do? 

Then you should check out Darby Safari!

What is all the talk about Darby Safari? 

Darby Safari is a adventure like no other in the area!


Picture this...You are walking through the average zoo and enjoying the animals that you may have never seen before.  You read the information posted about the animal and move along to the next animals exhibit.  It's fun to see the animals and learn about them! 


Now imagine that while you were looking at the animals a animal handler walks out with the animals for you to see up close and even possibly touch while teaching you about the animal!  What!  How awesome would that be?  Very awesome!  And that is exactly what we offer at Darby Safari!

You are given the opportunity to have personal interaction with a majority of the animals and meet them up close in a comfortable and relaxing environment! 


Many zoos offer a “Behind the Scenes” tour of the animals with a hefty price tag and rarely allow you to touch the animals. 

However, at Darby Safari, we encourage it!

The personal interaction is something they love!

Come on out and meet our amazing family of animals at

Darby Safari!

Darby Safari is not open to the General Public.

A prepaid reservation is required.

*NOTE:  Pony Rides are only available at the Farm. 

There are no pony rides given at Darby Safari.

Every visitor to the Safari helps in funding the care and needs of all of our animal family including our rescue animals! 

Donations are always welcome!

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